Lifting Lifting of live critical equipment

With a proven experience of more than 20 years in the field of lifting of live critical equipment, we have developed an industrial process and methodology guaranteeing zero downtime of your critical business.

This means zero downtime for your facility, whether you need a complete floor replacement or simply cost-effective refurbishment work.

Armed with our lifting expertise acquired to date, we can facilitate the security and the rehabilitation of your raised access technical floor.

Data Center Secure lifting solutions and services ensuring zero downtime :

We have a solution for every problem you may encounter within your environment: raised access technical floor strengthening, maintaining or replacing. Re-organization of your IT racks configuration to optimize space and airflow management.

Cleansoft Lifting


Do you need to replace the raised access floor system in your operating data center? Our lifting capacity ranges from electrical switchboards, CRAC units or one IT rack to a complete POD of multiple racks without interruption of your critical business.

Cleansoft Rotating


Do you need to manage the cooling airflow in your computer room ? We will use our unique know-how to rotate your racks securely to re-configure your hot and cold aisles without interruption of your critical business.

Cleansoft Moving


Do you need to re-organize your computer room IT racks layout ? We will move your racks and re-configure the rows to optimize the space and the cooling airflow.

Raised access technical floor aging or overloaded:

The lifespan of a raised floor is about twenty years, although with each passing year its weight-bearing capacity decreases as pedestals and stringers deteriorate. In addition, the weight of the server racks will continue to increase over time and the new technologies.

Can your aging raised floor still support the load ?

The increased weight of server racks can cause the raised floor to collapse when it is no longer suitable for the load.

Are you considering building a new datacenter to ensure the growth of your business due to un-adapted raised floor ?

We can lift your server racks, CRAC units or electrical switchboards without interruption of your critical business in order to facilitate the security and the rehabilitation of your aging raised technical floor.

We are specialists in lifting critical facilities and equipment. For any problem, there is a solution.

Server overheating

Optimized computer room airflow management is crucial for an efficient data center.

Hot spots are problematic for the servers operating mode and their lifespan. Bad airflow management also increases the operating costs of your facility.

IT racks are sometimes badly positioned with servers blowing their hot air in the air intake from the servers in the opposite rack. We are able to rotate to 180 degrees your racks to re-organize the cold and hot aisles in the computer room without interrupting your critical services.

Rethinking Data center layouts

Your computer room racks layout evolves according to the business needs and new technologies, some racks being replaced by new smaller or bigger ones so that over time your racks rows have become disorganized and are unfulfilled.

We can help you to reorganize your computer room space by moving your racks to group them together in a redesigned layout. Let’s rationalise your installation, we have everything under control to ensure moving your equipment without interrupting your critical services.

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Discover our audit and preventive maintenance services

Our team offers all the services allowing optimal maintenance of your installations.

• Audit Consulting

• Maintenance / repair

Discover now our maintenance services.

Logo Cleaning

Your benefits by working with Cleansoft.

We perform zero downtime lifting operations of your critical assets to facilitate the operational management of your technical environment or the rehabilitation of your raised access technical floor.

Business ContinuityBusiness Continuity

Time & costs savingTime & costs saving

Energy ManagementEnergy Management

Our team of technicians, who are also specialized in the installation and replacement of raised access floors, will be able to assist you in the rehabilitation of your raised access technical floor according to the ultra-cleanliness requirements specific to the clean room industry




We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with TIM-EX for the Polish Market.

Our combined know-how on raised access floor makes our partnership a strength for our companies and our customers.

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DC World Madrid 2021 : we will be part of the next exhibit taking place on 27-28 October 2021 and we will be glad to welcome you on our stand.

Will you be there ?

MARCH 2021

MARCH 2021

RTM Marseille : discover our critical operations performed for the Métro of Marseille City.
We are refurbishing the raised access floor in all technical rooms and corridors in the metro stations