Military and Defense


Government, military and defense data centers facilities

Your Data center raised floor loading capacity is limited ?

Your data hosting activities in your government data centers, military data centers or classified defenses are critical by nature.

You are dealing with sensitive confidential data and your information systems cannot be shut down. Your installations are constantly evolving, and you have to take up new technical challenges.

How to host more servers on an aging raised floor in your building with military standards? How to replace old servers with zero-downtime? How to ensure regular maintenance easily?

Government, military and defense data centers face these problems in addition to those in terms of cooling, energy consumption, floors that no longer support the loads ... this is why it is important to find solutions to your specific problems.

Raised Floor

Our services and solutions for your sensitive critical infrastructure

If you already have an existing raised access floor, we can help you to:

  • rehabilitate your raised floors and strengthen them
  • create custom frames for heavy equipment or custom raised floor reinforcements

Our teams of technicians, specialized in the installation and replacement of raised floors, and lifting of active server racks, will meet your needs with zero downtime.

Ours interventions are DTU 57.1 compliant.

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Cleansoft in brief

We deliver technical solutions with zero downtime

  • Business Continuity, Security and Extending the Lifespan of your existing data center
  • Time & Cost saving by upgrading your existing data center
  • Energy Management, Free cooling, Raised Floor elevation

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our know-how is recognized

We are recognized in France for the efficiency and quality of our interventions. If you are looking for an international company that meets your requirements, we want to put our know-how at your service wherever you are.

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''Wherever you are based, contact us to explain your project or problem to us, we will respond quickly and accurately.''

Frédéric CHIAPPARA Technical Director

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