Preventive maintenance


Preventive thorough cleaning and audit of raised access floors

To ensure a proper maintenance of raised access floors both structural and environmental care should be taken into consideration. All raised floors require preventative maintenance to keep safe operating conditions for equipment and personnel.

Cleansoft Services & Solutions, expert in raised flooring services, can help you by realizing audits and preventive maintenance of your raised access floor

Consequences of unmaintained raised access floor

In some Data Centers, the raised floor has been installed since couples of decades and it starts to show weakness and signs of aging.

Aging raised floors can lead to several problems which also can contribute to contamination of the white spaces.

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Structural issues

  • Lateral instability: this is when the floor system is loose and unstable. This allows debris to fall between the cracks and land in the air supply plenum. Raised floors are supposed to be level with no gaps or cracks. 
  • Structural issue - Vertical instability or rocking panels: this also contributes to contamination. When this occurs, debris, dust and other contaminates fall into the underfloor supply plenum and contaminate the air flow. Aside this contamination issue, rocking panels should be eliminated because they create a safety hazard for your employees, and other problems will develop if these are not solved.

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Rusting pieces of raised floor system : rust must be removed, and the cause eliminated. Rust is usually caused by improper maintenance (water mops), a leak under the raised floor or over humidity of the air conditioning. The rust flakes off and becomes a damaging particulate which travels at high velocities.

Raised floor cut tiles, and those cutouts are not properly sealed : a dedicated type of trim should be used to cover the opening and prevent contamination of the plenum with debris. It's also efficient for your raised floor to be sealed to maintain the static pressure of the air plenum.

Missing edge plinths : Missing trim or plinth on a raised floor panel can create a path for contamination to hide, and eventually work its way into the supply plenum. This causes dirt and dust to collect on the grid and causes rapid aging of a floor system.

Unwanted and dangerous contamination in your raised floor plenum

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Plenum debris is a common sight when raised floors are not maintained. This debris should never be allowed to accumulate. Your raised floor is a supply plenum for your air conditioning, and it is not filtered before it gets to your computer equipment.

Cleansoft Services & Solutions can perform regular inspection and vacuum (micro-dusting) of the raised floor plenum to eliminate harmful particulates.

The forced supply air from the air conditioning system and the blowers within servers are designed to keep the electronic components operating at the temperature which ensures long life and maximum reliability. An excessive amount of soot will reduce the airflow across a component. This will increase the component's temperature and shorten its life.

More than a thorough cleaning, we deliver audit and recommendations 

Our technicians as raised floor integrators and specialists in this subject matter are specialized in thorough cleaning and micro-dusting of raised floor plenum. 

We will perform our 7 standard control checks:

  1. Identification of the constituent elements of the raised floor system (pedestals, stringers, and tiles) in terms of load classification to check if the raised floor system is dimensioned according to the installed operational load 
  2. Analysis of the state of wear of the constituent elements of the false floor
  3. Analysis of the conditions of the pedestals sealed to concrete floor slab underneath the raised floor (glue, attachment points,…)
  4. Raised floor alignment and flatness (lateral and vertical stability)
  5. Verification the grounding mesh of the raised floor metallic structure
  6. Visual control of the concrete floor slab underneath the raised floor (state of cleanliness, crumbling,…)
  7. Tracking of the fire detectors and identification of their position under the false floor by stickers affixed to the false floor slabs to the right of their position

All technicians are trained and owner of several accreditations such as electrical, chemicals hazards, asbestos, etc.  They are made aware of the specific nature of critical IT premises. We have a complete set of technical equipment necessary for carrying out micro-dusting services.

We continuously ensure not to cause any deterioration of any kind whatsoever to the wiring and various equipment located in the raised floor plenum. The vacuum cleaners used are systematically equipped with absolute filtration (HEPA).

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Facilities Management

A computer room needs to be cleaned on a regularly scheduled basis. This is particularly important after an installation or upgrade. Besides the obvious places such as the tops of system cabinets and the floor surface, periodically clean underneath the raised floor and any other dust catching surfaces such as duct work and raised floor airflow panels. 

Cleansoft Services and Solutions use techniques and equipment designed to efficiently clean without re-contaminating the server environment and with zero downtime.

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