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Your Data center raised floor loading capacity is limited ?

The IT equipment have significantly evolved over the last past years and a big impact on the equipment’s weight has been observed. IT racks are getting heavier.

Typical servers or storage racks can reach 1000kg (2000lb) in weight capacity and may need to be rolled to be relocated. In addition, the equipment used to move and locate equipment needs data center access.

Special reinforcement of the underfloor support structures may be required in your raised floor environment. We can ensure a zero-downtime lifting of your servers racks that will allow you to modify and reinforce your raised floors structure (stringers and pedestals) in order to support the load of next generation IT equipment.

Raised Floor

The raised floor as a cold air distributor for cooling it equipment

We deliver technical solutions to reduce your energy consumption and your data center operating costs towards a greener data center.

To reduce the energy consumption of your data center, there are several levers on which we can help you:

  • Optimize the cooling production
  • Optimize the management of servers cooling
  • Raised floor layout space optimization

Nowadays, the evolution of IT server technology and new cooling systems make it possible to cool the data centers computer rooms with significantly higher temperatures, allowing direct or indirect free cooling to be used (use of the outside air as a means of cooling). This higher supply temperature, however, requires greater air flow rates and therefore a larger false floor supply plenum.

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An increasing number of data centers also utilize close coupled coolers such as row-based air conditioners or rear-door heat exchangers. In a few cases IT equipment is water cooled. These systems require water distribution piping within the data center.

While the water may be distributed overhead or underfloor, some users prefer the underfloor location as it tends to make the data center look less cluttered and it avoids the issue of any potential overhead piping leaks or condensation.

Such a raised floor system does not distribute air and needs to be only high enough to contain the piping, so the raised floor can be less than 0.5m (1.6 ft) high, simplifying the design and reducing cost.

With our lifting services and solutions, we can redesign your raised access floor or install a new raised floor depending on the chosen cooling solution.

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Space floor management

IT racks are sometimes badly positioned with servers blowing their hot air in the air intake from the servers in the opposite rack. Bad airflow management increases the operating costs of your facility.

We are able to rotate to 180 degrees your racks to re-organize the cold and hot aisles in the computer room without interrupting your critical services.

Your computer room racks layout evolves according to the business needs and new technologies, some racks being replaced by new smaller or bigger ones so that over time your racks rows have become disorganized and are unfulfilled.

We can help you to reorganize your computer room space by moving your racks to group them together in a redesigned layout.

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Cleansoft in brief

We deliver technical solutions with zero downtime

  • Business Continuity, Security and Extending the Lifespan of your existing data center
  • Time & Cost saving by upgrading your existing data center
  • Energy Management, Free cooling, Raised Floor elevation

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