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You manage computer rooms or equipment on raised access floors. This technical solution is very practical to allow easy maintenance and access to the various cable ducts and utilities :

  • cooling pipes
  • power supplies
  • LAN connectivity, etc...

The telecom sector has evolved from radio transmission by microwave to data transmission by interconnected fiber networks, the server rooms have had to adapt to this change

The fact that equipment turnover in a modern data center is around two years gives rise to the situation where data and power cabling is subject to frequent change.

Cables are accessible under a raised floor when tiles are lifted, but the matrix of stringers can make it impractical to modify the cable paths. The impact of cables on airflow is typically not modeled during the design of the floor, and a common problem is that cables restrict airflow and create overheating of IT equipment.

Raised Floor

Our lifting solutions

With our lifting services and solutions, we can re-design your raised access floor or install a new raised floor depending on the chosen cooling solution.

Special reinforcement of the underfloor support structures may be required in your raised floor environment.  We can ensure a zero-downtime lifting of your servers racks that will allow you to modify and reinforce your raised floors structure (stringers and pedestals) in order to support the load of next generation IT equipment. 

The raised floor is an area which is not convenient to clean. Dust, grit, and various items normally accumulate under the raised floor and are typically abandoned there since the difficulty and accident risk associated with cleaning this area are considered to be serious obstacles. Therefore, consideration of a raised floor data center must come with the commitment for mandatory maintenance and cleaning generally in the form of a professional cleaning service contract.

Cabling tends to be abandoned under raised floors during transitions. Cabling is frequently not removed because it is difficult to extract without potentially disturbing other cabling. Over time, a considerable amount of unused cable accumulates underfloor, blocking airflow.


Cleansoft has more than 20 years of experience in this area and can surely help you.

Cleansoft is the leading company specialized in lifting operations of critical live facilities standing on raised floors.

We offer you to lift and move your equipment regardless of the weight if it stands on a raised floor or if you want to create a false floor.

Thus we have already moved transformers, racks, switches and this in very diversified sectors of activity such as power plant, nuclear plant, solar plant, telecom, airport We have more and more requests to provide equipment lifting services in PoPs or Telecom Main Switch Centers to carry out maintenance or modernization of the raised floor

IUT Saint Jerome

Cleansoft in brief

We deliver technical solutions with zero downtime

  • Business Continuity, Security and Extending the Lifespan of your existing data center
  • Time & Cost saving by upgrading your existing data center
  • Energy Management, Free cooling, Raised Floor elevation

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''Cleansoft has more than 20 years of experience in this area and can surely help you."

Frédéric CHIAPPARA Technical Director

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