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Facilities Management

You are a facility management company serving clients such as banks, administrations, energy or health sectors.  If your customers call on you, it is to focus only on their core business. Managing their critical facilities is your area of expertise.


At Cleansoft we have been service providers in the facilities sector for over 20 years and we know the operational issues that you are facing every day.


Data center upgrades, facility expansion, or any project that would lead to raised floor modification, strengthening or new-built is no more an operational nightmare with Cleansoft.


Our unique know-how and expertise in the lifting of critical equipment with zero-downtime may be one solution to your operational issues.

Raised Floor

Cleansoft solutions

We have developed a process and methodology in 6 steps that guarantee a smooth lifting of your critical assets with zero-downtime:

1. Topological survey of the technical room 

2. Sounding of the raised floor 

3. Equipment (IT racks, UPS, Transformers, electrical switchboards, CRAC unit,…) preparation 

4.     Installation of our lifting system (hydraulic pumps, hydraulic jacks and wedges, hydraulic flexible piping, steel deck assembly)

5.     Final inspection and check

6.     Lifting operation – controlled with incremental checks


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Our team of technicians, who are also specialized in the installation and replacement of raised access floors, will be able to assist you in the rehabilitation of your raised access technical floor according to the ultra-cleanliness requirements specific to the clean room industry

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Cleansoft Benefits

Our strengths and benefits are among others :

  • Business Continuity : works on your critical equipment with zero-downtime
  • Time & Cost saving : very significant gain compared to a production migration and move of assets
  • Energy Management, Free cooling : efficient energy management through a reasoned configuration of your installations

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We regularly support clients in hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, generalist data centers, energy, nuclear, defence. We can work in any data center with a raised floor in the most demanding industries.

Wherever you are based, contact us to explain your project or problem to us, we will respond quickly and accurately.

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